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Last year was marked by thousands of changes in digital marketing.

The metaverse… AI… Infinite changes in the algorithms…

And of course, all of this is undoubtedly reflected in the digital marketing trends of 2023. So if you want to be able to adapt to them to succeed with your strategies you have to be very very up-to-date.

Here we’ll tell you what digital marketing trends will mark the year.

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What is digital marketing?

Let’s start by defining what digital marketing is. It’s the set of strategies that allow you to promote your products or services in the virtual world.

Today more than 70% of the world’s population has access to the internet, so not being on the web is betting everything on failure. It’s essential to be where users are moving, and the online world is definitely the answer.

However, it’s not just about being on the Internet, but about connecting with users’ needs when they want it most.

Think about it: How many times do you see commercials when you have your cell phone in your hands? Surely many times, and that’s what you want to avoid, to become just someone else in the crowd.

Read on to see how you can use digital marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.

The 6 latest trends in digital marketing

Digital marketing is an industry that never sleeps. In fact, every day we find new trends that fit the user’s needs; there’s an incredible saturation of undifferentiated products that abound in the market.

Today, when you enter any digital store, you will see hundreds of items that you can already see elsewhere, so it’s time to take advantage of the new trends that exist today. Some of them are:

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1. Metaverse and virtual reality

We’ll start with the metaverse, a term we are sure you have heard in recent months and will continue to hear in the coming years.

It’s an alternative virtual reality which you can access through special devices such as glasses and in which you can interact with other people. The interesting thing is that everyone can have their own avatar and communicate through an immersive experience.

In other words, it’s like a second digital reality in which we will communicate with friends, family, and colleagues, having the possibility to do multiple activities such as working.

So how can we use it to our advantage to sell more products and services? That’s the question that will take you to the next level and there are already companies that are anticipating it.

Providing immersive experiences, offering discounts on the platform, and giving the possibility to use the product in a parallel reality. Think it through and implement it before it’s too late.

2. No cookies

A trend that has quietly arrived is eliminating cookies from our web pages.

The legislation of each country is changing rapidly in terms of user privacy, so in one way or another, you will have to adapt to avoid being penalized.

It’s said that 2023 will bet on first-hand data and the management and unification of the information we collect from each user to build a world without cookies.

3. Content quality at all times

Google continues to innovate and adjust to market trends, but there’s one thing that will never change. At the end of it all, the tech giant is all about solving its audience’s search intent, nothing else.

This means that the quality of the content will continue to be a fundamental trend in positioning a website at the top of the search engine. In addition, the algorithm takes into account the authority of the domain and the writer to index it on the web.

So now you know, focus on solving your client’s search intent and you will always have business opportunities with Google.

4. Featured snippets

As you may have noticed, Google is and will continue to be a fundamental element in digital marketing. However, it’s important to note the changes the platform is executing to adapt to new market needs.

Mobile and voice searches have completely changed the way people search for content, and we need to take note of this before it’s too late.

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Now users not only go for the first option in the search engine, but they require the information in less time and that’s where the featured snippets appear.

This way, you don’t have to enter the url to find the answer, since Google shows it in a more than useful summary to save time. The higher it appears, the better results you will have.

5. Conversational marketing

One trend that is here to stay is the concept of self-service. That is, people want to have more experiences where they can choose what they want to see and reject intrusive experiences.

That is why chatbots and live chats that work to reassure the user have become so popular, as they are an ally to solve any customer inconvenience.

Likewise, conversational questionnaires and surveys in general have a great potential to attract leads, helping you to harvest that audience you want so much.

6. Video Marketing

We can not ignore the importance that video marketing has gained in the day-to-day, and the numbers speak for themselves: more than 82% of digital traffic will come from this type of content, so it’s time to give it the attention it deserves.

That’s why in the SEO techniques we find tips to use videos to improve the positioning of our website. In fact, videos are 53 times more likely to rank than any other alternative.

So, product demonstrations, events in general and educational seminars are some of the ideas you can implement to take advantage of this trend that is here to stay.

If you’re a personal brand you can increase your visits if you record yourself talking about that topic you are so passionate about. Cheer up once and for all and see how the results improve from one moment to the next.

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TOP 6 Digital marketing strategies most used today

Knowing each of the strategies is one of the most important steps if you want to have a thriving business today. Let’s see them separately so you can make the right decision:

1. Search Engine Marketing

The first strategy on our list is search engine marketing. This is a model in which companies seek to rank at the top of Google through a pay-per-click method.

How do they do it? Simple, all search engines offer pay-per-click services, so you pay for each click on the link.

In this way, in a very short time, you will appear in the first positions on the search engine and you will only spend your resources as more people enter the ad. This allows you to have better control of your advertising investment and you will be able to pause or improve the strategy when you consider it pertinent.

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2. Content marketing

On the other hand, we have content marketing, which is a strategy that aims to develop valuable content for the brand’s target audience.

The transcendental idea is to create content in different formats that help the customer solve a specific problem. In other words, it’s not about offering a product but educating them about the situations they are experiencing and the answers they can get.

In this sense, content marketing is very useful to position yourself as an expert in the field. This way, users will see you in a different way and will feel more confident when buying your products or services.

3. SEO

We continue with the list and now it’s SEO’s turn, which is the set of techniques that allow you to position your website at the top of Google without investing directly in advertising.

Remember when we talked about search engine marketing? Well, SEO is similar, only that here you will not be paying to be ranked, you will do it yourself in a natural way through techniques that have shown results over time.

To achieve this, SEO is divided into two aspects:

  • SEO Off page
  • SEO On page

In other words, SEO is like not paying rent and owning your own home. With search engine marketing you pay to be found, but with SEO you will be found without having to invest in it directly.

4. Inbound marketing

Now it’s the turn of inbound marketing. It’s one of the most interesting strategies because it’s made up of different marketing techniques to attract and engage the customer.

In short, it’s the creation of valuable content that captures the attention of the audience. Then the audience is added to a database and then goes through a maturation process until they become customers.

This way, the goal of inbound marketing is to create the most pleasant experience possible for all those who come into contact with your brand. Thus, we find the following stages:

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight

All this makes it one of the most attractive strategies to position a brand.

5. Marketing automation

Next on our list is marketing automation.

If we think about it, marketing is a lot of hard work. Creating content, looking at statistics, editing images, coordinating a work team, and everything related to developing medium-term strategies.

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Well, to make our job easier, marketing automation was created. Basically, it’s a program that automates many digital marketing actions, allowing you to be more productive and efficient on a daily basis.

6. Permission marketing

Permission marketing is so well known that even a book has been created about it. It’s a relationship that you gradually build with customers to send information as long as they give you permission.

In this sense, this type of marketing is characterized by being anticipated, that is, users must be waiting for the communication, you can not send it by surprise.

In addition, it’s important that it responds to the needs of the audience and that it’s of interest to them at all times.

In addition, you have platforms like Google Analytics that show you thousands of metrics about what happens on your blog. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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Final recommendations

There’s no doubt that when it comes to promoting our products and services we must look for the best alternatives to be as successful as possible. That’s where digital marketing comes in since it offers you everything you need to build a long-term project.

Let’s see, it’s true that if you go out on the street you will see a lot of people, but it doesn’t compare with the number of people on the web. So, creating a digital strategy will help you differentiate yourself from other companies as long as you choose the right metrics.

Today we wanted to talk to you about the most popular strategies that exist today so that you can determine which one best fits your business and make the leap you’ve been dreaming of.

It’s time to put yourself in your users’ shoes and create communication methods that match their tastes and needs. It’s useless to send massive promotional messages if in a short time, they will end up blocking us or something similar.

What do you think is the best strategy today? It all depends on your business model and the situation of your target audience.

We hope that with this information you will define once and for all the tactics you will apply in the immediate future. The time has come to turbo-charge your project and with digital marketing, you will achieve it.


What is the latest top trends in digital marketing? ›

The latest digital marketing trends are AI, AR, Voice Search Optimization, Programmatic Advertising, Chatbots, Personalization, Automated Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Instagram Reels, Shoppable Content, Influencer Marketing & Geofencing to name a few.

What digital marketing trend should I watch out in 2023? ›

Personalized messaging is increasingly becoming the way to go and the next digital marketing trend you need to watch out for. It not only builds interest in the product or/and brand but helps build stronger and more personal relationships with your customers too.

How to prepare for 2023 digital marketing trends? ›

In 2023, there's going to be a shift in mindset from technical-based marketing to anticipation marketing. This will enable marketers to anticipate what customers want and then feed it into automation processes. This new mindset will now only make things more efficient but will enable personalization.

What digital marketing trend you can t ignore in 2023? ›

Social Responsibility & Inclusivity. The final digital marketing trend you can't ignore in 2023 is social responsibility and inclusivity. Now more than ever, internet users are interested in what a company stands for.

What are the latest digital trends? ›

The top 10 digital marketing trends for 2023 and beyond are:
  • Using short form, vertical videos.
  • Cookie-less marketing and working with first party data.
  • Using AI content-writing tools.
  • Ethical marketing.
  • Marketing in the metaverse.
  • Micro and nano influencers.
  • Customer-centric, E-A-T-focused marketing.
  • TikTok marketing.
Feb 17, 2023

What are 4 recent trends in marketing? ›

The latest marketing trends for 2022 include personalization, social media, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), and the metaverse.

What is the most powerful social media marketing strategy in 2023? ›

One of the social media trends for 2023 that will increase in popularity is using micro and nano-influencers to promote campaigns. Having smaller follower counts, with only people that share the same interests as they do, nano and micro-influencers have a higher rate of success when promoting products from brands.

What are the main trends in the digital world of 2030? ›

Artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) are among the key technologies that will underpin the delivery of education in 2030.

What are the digital trends in 2023? ›

Moreover, Gartner says that hyper-automation will be a major technology trend in 2023. It defines how technologies such as machine learning, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), artificial intelligence, low code, and others are used together.

What is one of the biggest challenges marketers will face in 2023? ›

In 2023, marketers continue to face challenges including economic uncertainty, a focus on consumer privacy and the eventual demise of third-party data, changing consumer spending behaviors, budget cuts and a shrinking workforce.

Why digital marketing is important in 2023? ›

Digital marketing has become an essential part of business strategy in recent years, and its importance is only set to grow in 2023. With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating the shift to online channels, businesses that have been slow to adopt digital marketing strategies are now playing catch-up.

Did you know facts about digital marketing 2023? ›

Digital ads can increase brand awareness by 80%. Consumers are 155% more likely to look up your brand-specific terms after they've been exposed to display ads. Customers are 70% more likely to make a purchase from a retargeting ad. PPC returns $2 for every $1 spent—a 200% ROI.

Why affiliate marketing is booming in 2023? ›

With 2023 being more about digital advertising and social marketing, companies will strategically place their trust in nano and micro-influencers. These small-scale online influencers have much more potential to reach niche users, who could eventually become loyal customers of the brand.

What is future of digital marketing? ›

In the coming years, businesses will be able to integrate their core message and value proposition for the specific target audience on various channels. A unified omnichannel digital marketing strategy will allow more businesses to understand their customers' changing behavior, location, and preferences.

How do you keep up with marketing trends? ›

Seek out expert advice and follow the most effective ways to stay up to date with digital marketing trends.
  1. Subscribe to Marketing Blogs and Newsletters.
  2. Set Google Alerts to Stay in the Know.
  3. See Video as a Source of Marketing Advice.
  4. Search Hashtags.
  5. Spend Time with Marketing Podcasters.
  6. Seek Inspiration from Top Brands.
Jan 17, 2023

What is the biggest trend in marketing? ›

The top marketing trends for 2023 are influencer marketing, mobile optimization, blogging, visual storytelling, push notifications, social commerce, and email marketing.

What are the 3 major trends? ›

There are three main types of trends: short-, intermediate- and long-term.

What are two recent trends in marketing? ›

Digital Marketing Trends: Emerging 13 Fads to Know As a Marketer
  • Influencer Marketing. ...
  • Omnichannel Marketing. ...
  • Artificial Intelligence. ...
  • Video Marketing. ...
  • Metaverse. ...
  • Long-Form Content. ...
  • Progressive Web Pages. ...
  • Chatbots.
Jul 14, 2022

What will be different in digital marketing in 2023? ›

So, in 2023, digital marketers will need to diversify their social media campaigns across different channels. One such channel that might have previously been overlooked but that could provide promising brand awareness is LinkedIn, which is forecast to capture 25pc of US B2B spending by 2024.

What is new in social media marketing 2023? ›

More Unpolished Content And Personalized Interactions

Authentic, unpolished content and a concerted focus on personalized interactions are paramount to social media success in 2023. To prepare, marketing leaders need to expand their idea of who can contribute to this type of content.

Is digital marketing in demand 2023? ›

With 89% of marketers using email marketing primarily for generating leads, it's a trend that will continue thriving into 2023. Almost everyone has an email account, making it highly accessible for brands and businesses to connect with their customers.

What is the digital 2025 strategy? ›

The new UNDP Strategic Plan 2022-2025 highlighted the importance of digital as one of the key enablers. This renewed Digital Strategy builds upon the Strategic Plan, and puts forth a vision whereby digital is an empowering force for people and planet.

What are the five 5 areas of change in the digital world? ›

Five key areas of digital change in the enterprise
  • Customer channels: enter the digital arena. ...
  • New business models: go lean and data-driven. ...
  • Next Gen Operations: boost your internal business operations. ...
  • Agile Transformation: embrace full speed. ...
  • Technology transformation: drive innovation.
Jan 28, 2020

What is digital marketing in 2030? ›

In 2030, online marketing will feature increased personalization. Consumers expect to receive personalized experiences from businesses that are tailored to their needs and interests. To meet this expectation, marketers will use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

What skills will marketers need in 2025? ›

Machine learning, sophisticated analytics, and neuromarketing are seen as the most important skills in the marketing department in 2025, and the tools that enable these will sit on top of the shopping list.

What will marketing look like in 2025? ›

By 2025, marketers will be slicing and dicing metadata for actionable insights and highly specific marketing. Brands will use complex combinations of personal data, location data and environment data to target their customers with the right message at the right time on the right device.

How do you see the future of marketing in 2030? ›

To get to 2030 and beyond, marketers will need to put data to work, take an introspective look at their data and privacy blueprint, reinvent operating models, align with other departments for ultimate efficiency, and make sure that along the customer journey Marketing is delivering exceptional customer experience.

What is digital transformation 2023? ›

Looking at Digital transformation trends, businesses will use a composable enterprise approach in 2023 to unlock and integrate data and apps, apply automation and analytics to generate insights, and ultimately strive to drive sustainability in their operations.

What customers want in 2023? ›

The appeal is simple to understand – in 2023, consumers increasingly want their relationships and interactions with brands to be memorable and experiential. This means that brands that want to stay relevant must create customer journeys that are thoughtful, memorable experiences.

What is one small business trend to look out for in 2023? ›

Augmented reality and virtual reality will come into their own. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have been in the zeitgeist for some time now, but they might see more widespread adoption by businesses in 2023. Best of all, small businesses could take the lead on the trend.

What is the most effective marketing channel in terms of performance in 2023 and why? ›

In 2023, the top channels used by B2B marketers will be social media, websites, blogs, and email marketing. Short-form videos and influencer marketing are top marketing channels that businesses plan to invest more time and resources into in 2023.

What are the new technologies for digital marketing? ›

The technologies marketing companies are leveraging in 2023 and beyond are artificial intelligence (AI), extended reality (XR), Web3, metaverse, big data, and analytics. Additionally, social commerce and omnichannel marketing uphold their position as the top medium for marketing and advertising.

What is the future of digital marketing? ›

In the coming years, businesses will be able to integrate their core message and value proposition for the specific target audience on various channels. A unified omnichannel digital marketing strategy will allow more businesses to understand their customers' changing behavior, location, and preferences.

What are some of the current trends in digital marketing and eCommerce? ›

8 eCommerce Digital Marketing Trends to Watch and Use in 2023.
  • eCommerce SEO. ...
  • Remarketing Ads / Retargeting Ads: ...
  • Video Marketing. ...
  • AR/VR and AI in eCommerce Digital Marketing. ...
  • Mobile Optimization. ...
  • Virtual Payment Options. ...
  • Personalized Marketing. ...
  • Shoppable Live Streams.

What is SEO in digital marketing? ›

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is the process used to optimize a website's technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity so its pages can become easily findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries, and as a consequence, search engines rank them better.


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