Ovaltine vs. Milo vs. Horlicks vs. Nesquik: Differences and Reviews 2023 (2023)

The chocolate malt is an American classic, with its distinctive malted milk flavor, sweet vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup. It was the preferred summer treat of mid-century Americans, available at every drugstore and soda fountain shop.

What is the best Chocolate Malt Powder?

#1. Horlicks

Horlicks is a sweet malted milk hot drink powder developed by founders James and William Horlick in 1873 as a baby food. It became popular among travelers in 1909.

‘Night starvation’ was a fictitious condition invented by Horlicks as an advertising gimmick that was supposedly relieved if a mug of the malt drink was consumed before bedtime.

In Britain, Horlicks is commonly consumed as a drink near bedtime, and is marketed as an evening drink; in contrast, it has been marketed as a breakfast drink in India.

#2. Ovaltine

Ovaltine was developed in 1904 by chemist Albert Wander (1867–1950), in Bern, Switzerland, where it is known by its original name, Ovomaltine.

Originally advertised as consisting solely of "malt, milk, eggs, flavoured with cocoa", the formulation has changed over the decades, and today several formulations are sold in different parts of the world.

A chocolate malt version is sold as a powder which is mixed with hot or cold milk as a beverage.

Malt Ovaltine (a version without cocoa) and Rich Chocolate Ovaltine (a version without malt) are also available in some markets.

In India and the UK, it no longer contains eggs.

ABF currently produces Ovaltine in Switzerland, China, Thailand and Australia.

In Canada, Ovaltine is produced by Grace Foods in biscuit and powdered drink forms.

In theUnited StatesNestlé manufactures Ovaltine.

#3. Milo

Milois a chocolate-flavouredmaltedpowder product produced byNestlé, typically mixed withmilk, hot water, or both, to produce abeverage. It was originally developed in Australia byThomas Mayne(1901–1995) in 1934.

Milo maintains significant popularity in a diverse range of countries throughout the world, particularly inAustralasia, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Its composition and taste differ from country to country.

The recipe for the standard product has remained almost exactly the same since its creation in 1934, the only variation being in the addedmineralsand vitamins.

Standard Milo consists of four main ingredients: malted barley, milk powder, sugar and cocoa.

#4. Nesquik

Nesquik began as drink mixforchocolate-flavored milkin the United States in 1948, as Nestlé Quik. In the 1950s, it was launched in Europe as Nesquik.

Since 1999, the brand has been known asNesquikworldwide.

Today, the Nesquik name appears on a wide range of products, includingbreakfast cereals,powdered mixes for flavored milk,syrups,ready-to-drink products,candy bars,Fonduefountains,Hot chocolatemix, and more.

The best malted milk powder options compared

Read on to find out more about the differences of Ovaltine vs. Milo vs. Horlicks vs. Nesquik, how they taste like, what varieties they each come in, their ingredients, nutritional information, and much more!

#1. Horlicks Original Classic Malt

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Ovaltine vs. Milo vs. Horlicks vs. Nesquik: Differences and Reviews 2023 (1)


Horlicks come in Original, Chocolate, Vegan, and Instant variations. They come in a plastic jar and come in powder form.


Horlicks sell for $12+ for a 500g/jar at big retailers and their online stores.

This is the most expensive product on the market!

The good news is, we found the best price at Weee!, an Asian grocery store, where Horlicks sell for $5.49 a jar.


Horlicks is more similar to an instant cereal which depends on the kid’s diet; they may already be eating many grains. Powdered grains have a high glycemic index, and Horlicks also contain higher sugar.


Horlicks is made of malted cereals, barley malt, wheat malt, cereal extract, and barley. It also contains a little milk solids and cocoa powder for the chocolate variant.

Ovaltine vs. Milo vs. Horlicks vs. Nesquik: Differences and Reviews 2023 (2)


The serving size of Horlicks Chocolate is 27 grams. Each serving will give you an additional 199 calories. It also serves an amount of protein, but it is very little, or 3.6 per 27 grams of powder. It also contains sugar, around 8 grams or will be 20 grams for the overall carbs content. It has pretty high calcium for bones at 224 mg per serving.

Horlicks contains important micronutrients (vitamins B6, B12, C, D, calcium, copper, folic acid, iron, selenium, and zinc amongst others) and is clinically proven to help children grow taller, sharper, stronger when included as part of their regular daily diet.

Ovaltine vs. Milo vs. Horlicks vs. Nesquik: Differences and Reviews 2023 (3)

It can be used in both cold and hot milk.

Ovaltine vs. Milo vs. Horlicks vs. Nesquik: Differences and Reviews 2023 (4)

#2. Ovaltine Classic Malt

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Ovaltine vs. Milo vs. Horlicks vs. Nesquik: Differences and Reviews 2023 (5)


In the US, Ovaltine is sold in three different variants, chocolate malt, rich chocolate, and classic malt.

Ovaltine is famous for its orange packaging, but you can find this chocolate powder in a brownish-orange of yellow canister in the US.

The brownish-orange variant is without artificial flavor and sweeteners, while the yellow one is the classic one.

The ready-to-drink Ovaltine usually comes in a small carton and is available in some Asian countries like Indonesia.


As for the price, it is very affordable at $3.9 for a 12 oz canister.

But, for the price, we recommend Ovaltine because it is much cheaper and similarly versatile.


OVALTINE delivers great taste with no artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners and has a third less sugar than the leading chocolate syrup brand as prepared with a cup of milk.

Ovaltine is smoother but is not very chocolatey, so you may want to add more or increase the serving size to achieve greater flavor.

Ovaltine has a coarser texture and a darker powder.


Sugar, Whey, Corn Maltodextrin, Malt Extract (Malted Barley, Barley, Caramel Color, Soy Lecithin), Nonfat Milk, Caramel Color, Beet Juice Color, Natural Flavor, Soy Lecithin, Salt, Molasses.


Ovaltine has a serving size of 11 grams which becomes 40 calories when mixed with non-fat milk. It contains vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. It also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and copper. Each serving contains 7 grams of sugar and 70 mg sodium, while Horlicks contains 15.4 grams of sugar.

Ovaltine (US version) doesn’t contain fat, which is great to maintain heart health since reducing saturated fat may help reducing cardiovascular disease or Type-2 diabetes. It also contain vitamin B Complex to convert food into energy and control appetite, mood, sleep, and muscle metabolism. With calcium and Vitamin D in its ingredients, consuming Ovaltine regularly will help you strengthen your bones. Since it also contain iron, the beverage will be beneficial for delivering oxygen throughout the body and help produce hemoglobin.

Ovaltine vs. Milo vs. Horlicks vs. Nesquik: Differences and Reviews 2023 (6)

Mix classic malt Ovaltine powder drink mix with 8 fl oz of cold or hot dairy or plant based milk

Ovaltine vs. Milo vs. Horlicks vs. Nesquik: Differences and Reviews 2023 (7)

#. Ovaltine Vs Horlicks

If you love malty chocolate drinks, try Ovaltine and Horlicks because these two are made using malt.

Horlicks is more like a liquid cereal than a chocolate drink and is maltier than Ovaltine.

The powder of these drinks is slightly different because Horlicks is very fine and may appear clumpy out of the canister. The appearance reminds us of a pre-ground coffee for espresso. The color is darker than Ovaltine and similar to a cooking chocolate powder. The Ovaltine is a bit coarse and separating well but not to the point of granulated. They smell good and already taste great in powder form.

The taste is excellent, but Horlicks is malty and tastes like liquid cereal.

Ovaltine is sweeter, but Horlicks has a stronger malt and chocolate powder.

Horlicks will make you feel full longer, or this will be an excellent substitute for a meal if you are in a hurry or diet.

Ovaltine 12 oz canister is typically $4, while Horlicks 500 grams/17 oz is $13.

Both taste great and perfect with a cup of warm or cold milk.

The difference between Ovaltine and Horlicks are taste and ingredients because Horlicks is maltier and has a slightly stronger chocolate flavor but not as sweet as Ovaltine. The nutrient content is about the same, but Horlicks has a higher serving, which means the number of calories and sugar is also higher than Ovaltine. This brand is also more expensive compared to many other similar chocolate drinks.

#3. Nestle Nesquik Chocolate Flavor Powder Drink Mix Canister

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Ovaltine vs. Milo vs. Horlicks vs. Nesquik: Differences and Reviews 2023 (8)


Similar to Ovaltine, Nesquik is also a brand of Nestle. The main difference between Ovaltine and Nesquik is that Nesquik doesn’t use milk protein in the powder.

Nesquik is also marketed around the same price, such as the 10 oz canister that is $2.9 from stores like Walmart.

The Nesquik current canister is yellow and brown with a rabbit character. The lineup varies from powdered drink, ready-to-drink beverage, and syrup.

As for the flavors, Nesquik is not only available in chocolate variants but also double chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and dark chocolate.



Personally, we taste a stronger cocoa flavor from Nesquik, which is surprising because it doesn’t look as thick as Ovaltine.

The flavor and nutritional content set them apart because Nesquik has a more prominent chocolate flavor which is not surprising knowing that cocoa powder is the second most prominent ingredient. But, the Ovaltine has a richer nutrient amount if this is what you aim for.

Ovaltine is marketed as a healthy beverage enriched with vitamins and minerals. It tastes amazing and contains no artificial sweeteners or synthetic flavors, making it a great drink to enjoy before bedtime.

In fact, due to its high magnesium levels, it is often considered a natural sleep aid for children.

It helps relieve insomnia and reduces daytime drowsiness in women by promoting better sleep and regulating energy levels.

Since malted milk beverages, such as Ovaltine, help regulate sleep patterns in adults as well, itcouldhelp you sleep better, depending on your age and medical history.


Nesquik is made with sugar, cocoa, soy lecithin, carrageenan, and salt. The other two ingredients are natural flavor and spice.

Ovaltine vs. Milo vs. Horlicks vs. Nesquik: Differences and Reviews 2023 (9)


The Nesquik 17 grams of serving will give you 50 calories when mixed with non-fat milk and 12 grams of sugar. The drink is a good source of vitamin A, D, B12, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid. It also provides calcium, potassium, and iron. Comparing the calcium content, Ovaltine gives you 40% of ADV while Nesquik is 25%. This is probably due to the whey protein, which is rich in calcium derived from milk.

Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, Ovaltine is promoted as a healthy beverage for people of all ages. It is low in calories and fat and its nutritional value depends mostly on what you mix it with.

The US version of Ovaltine doesn’t contain fats, which is great for people looking to reduce their fat.

It contains Vitamin B complex that controls appetite and enhances mood and muscle metabolism, along with calcium and Vitamin D that help strengthen bones.

Prepared by addingmilk, water, or both into the powder, Ovaltine can be enjoyed both hot and cold, depending on your preference. It is particularly delicious when enjoyed as a hot chocolate beverage during the colder months.

Ovaltine vs. Milo vs. Horlicks vs. Nesquik: Differences and Reviews 2023 (10)

#. Nesquik vs Ovaltine – What’s the Difference?

Both powders are known to mix well with cold milk and not clump when fully mixed.

Nesquik was the clear winner of our taste test. It had a more pronounced and pleasant chocolate taste compared to the milder chocolate flavor of the Ovaltine. One person commented that the Ovaltine tasted more like a meal replacement drink than chocolate milk. The Nesquik was believed to be more dessert-like.

Keep in mind that both products list sugar as their first ingredient. Of course, this greatly contributes to the calories of each chocolate powder. While you save some calories drinking Ovaltine, this powder also contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals that are lacking in Nesquik. If nutrition were the only factor in deciding between these two products, Ovaltine would likely be the best option for most people.

When comparing the taste of both Ovaltine and Nesquik, many have reviewed that Nesquik tastes better. Nesquik milk is said to have a more pleasant and stronger taste, whereas Ovaltine is milder in strength. Nesquik is known to be a richer-tasting chocolate milk drink and would almost be considered to be a dessert like drink.

Even though Nesquik is considered to be the better chocolate milk powder when compared to ovaltine, there is not a huge difference in taste. Ovaltine is still a good product to make chocolate milk and has good nutritional value.

When comparing the consistency of the chocolate milks powders, Nesquik and Ovaltine do differ slightly. Nesquik is a lighter shade than Ovaltine, producing a lighter colored brown chocolate milk. Ovaltine is thicker in texture when compared to Nesquik powder.

When comparing Ovaltine and Nesquik nutritionally, there are some differences that make these two drinks stand apart.
Both Ovaltine and Nesquik are not the healthiest choice of beverage as they contain a lot of sugar. Sugar is the first ingredient that is listed on both Ovaltine and Nesquik drinks.Sugar can have very damaging impacts on the body, such as tooth decay and weight gain when over consumed. It is best to consume both Ovaltine and Nesquik drinks sparingly.

Another similarity is that both Ovaltine and Nesquik contain a large amount of calories which can lead to excessive weight gain. Both Ovaltine and Nesquik have their health risks due to the large amount of sugar and calories the drinks contain.

Even though both Ovaltine and Nesquik contain a large amount of sugar, they also contain a range of vitamins and minerals.Vitamins and minerals are key to keeping the body healthy.

Ovaltine tends to contain more beneficial vitamins and minerals when compared to Nesquik. Therefore, if you are deciding which out of the two drinks to purchase, based on nutrition, Ovaltine would be the better drink to purchase.

Ovaltine has a wider range of vitamins and minerals when compared to Nesquik. This wider range of vitamins and minerals are better for the body than the range Nesquik provides.

Ovaltine is also known to be a healthy drink to consume in moderation. Ovaltine contains high amounts of calcium and vitamin D which are beneficial for the body, especially for healthy bones and the immune system. Unlike nesquik, Ovaltine also contains high amounts of Vitamins A, C and E. Vitamins A, C and E are very beneficial for the upkeep of a healthy body as these vitamins help fight oxidative damage and again, support healthy bones.

Even though many people consider both Ovaltine and Nesquik

to be unhealthy, these drinks are not as unhealthy as you might have once thought.

Nesquik is known to be used as a recovery drink. Many people drink Nesquik after they have engaged in sports.Many sports science experts believe that Nesquik is a great drink to use for recovery. Nesquik is a great drink to use as recovery due to its ratio in carbohydrate to protein. This ratio allows muscles to quickly restoreglycogen levels, which helps with the body’s overall recovery.

Nesquik itself promotes their drinks to be delicious but also equally nutritious. This is due to the drink containing a high amount of vitamin D which can be very beneficial to the body, especially the immune system.

It is always wise to drink nesquik in moderation as it does contain high levels of sugar. Sugar is not very beneficial for the body and often leads to health problems when overconsumed.

If You Are Comparing For Nutrition, Ovaltine May Be The Better Chocolate Drink Powder

If you are wanting to make a healthy decision when picking which chocolate milk to go for, your best bet is Ovaltine. Ovaltine is full of vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial for keeping the body healthy. If you love a very rich chocolate taste and want a chocolate milk that tastes more like a dessert, Nesquik will be the best choice. Nesquik may not be the best drink for your nutritionally, but it tastes delicious.

#4. Milo

Ovaltine vs. Milo vs. Horlicks vs. Nesquik: Differences and Reviews 2023 (11)


As of 2021, three other varieties are manufactured at the Australian plant: high protein, reduced sugar and aplant-basedversion.



Milo is a chocolate malt drink with energy releasing B vitamins that provides 8 essential vitamins and minerals, and is a good source of iron, vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamins B2, B3, and B6, and calcium.


Even though its composition varies according to region, Milo is generally made from cocoa, milk powder, malt barley, sugar, plus other nine vitamins and minerals.


Here is the detailed nutritional composition of Milo, as highlighted on the packaging label. Per 30 grams of serving equals one cup.

Energy: 124kcal/519.0kj

Protein (per serving 30 grams): 3.5g

Carbohydrates ( per serving 30g): 20.1g

Fat(per serving 30 grams): 3.0g

Sugar (per serving 30 grams): 12.2g

Sodium (per serving 30 grams): 45mg

Vitamins and Minerals

Calcium: 520mg

Dietary fiber: 4.5mg

Iron: 11.5mg

Phosphorus: 580mg

Vitamin B2: 1.1mg

Vitamin B6: 0.6mg

Vitamin B12: 1.8mg

Vitamin C: 60g

Vitamin D: 5mg

If you’re the type that is keen on sugar levels, Milo is the best option for you. It has lower sugar content. In addition, its carbohydrate content is relatively low too. However, Ovaltine has extra vitamins/minerals.

#. Milo Vs Ovaltine – What’s The Difference?

So, what are the differences between Milo and Ovaltine?The main difference between Milo and Ovaltine is in terms of their fat content and nutrient concentration. Ovaltine sold in the US does not contain any fats and is also more nutritious than Milo.

However, there are a few differences between them, as discussed above. If they don’t bother you, you can go right ahead and use Milo in place of Ovaltine, and vice versa.

If you are on a low-fat diet and are looking for a more concentrated option, Ovaltine is your go-to product.

However, if you want to keep your sugar intake in check, Milo may be the better option since it has a low sugar content. Also, Milo is low on carbs as well, whereas Ovaltine has a higher amount of vitamins and minerals.

It may be useful to know that since both Milo and Ovaltine are popular in different parts of the world, their availability may be affected by where you are located.

Milo is commonly available in Australia and Southeast Asian countries, whereas Ovaltine is more popular in Europe and the US. Therefore, if you can’t get your hands on one, you can surely substitute it with the other.

Of those made with regular cane sugar, Akta Vite, Horlicks, Ovaltine and Milo had the least sugar. Although still very high, I liked that they were under 50% sugar (compared to Nesquick being 80% sugar!).

If you like the idea of a nutritive boost, then Akta Vite, Ovaltine, Milo varieties, Fagnks and Sustagen get another tick.Ovaltine sold in the US market has no fats, while Milo has. Ovaltine is also more concentrated than Milo in terms of nutritional content.

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