20 Characteristics of a Cheating Woman (2023)

20 Characteristics of a Cheating Woman (1)

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In every partnership, there’s always a chance that one party will try to get more than what they bargained for, and romantic relationships are no exception.

More men cheat as they get older, and the gap only gets bigger from then on. The lies can skew the data. After all, how can we trust the sincerity of a cheater?

However, taking it at face value, one way to interpret this is simple. Women of all ages commit adultery.

The stigma of a cheating woman is higher than a man, it’s not fair and stupid, but it’s also reality.

Because infidelity, unlike other gender-equality causes, is not just. (Because men have no such right in most societies) Fighting for a woman’s right to cheat on their partner is not likely to be popular.

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What makes your woman a cheater?

Before we discuss the characteristics of a cheating woman, we need to understand the kind of thinking that leads to infidelity. What type of women cheat?

It’s stupid to assume that women will open their hearts and legs because there’s a heartthrob around. There are women like that, but most women, especially married ones, don’t do it that way.

Ironically, reputation is not the primary motivation for why women don’t cheat. A non-virgin woman is not protecting her innocence because of what their rumor-mongering peers would say.

They don’t cheat because the man is not worth it.

Married women have high standards. They already found someone they pledged their life to, a man that’s the center of their hopes and dreams. They would never risk that just for anyone, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t.

A woman will rarely cheat on the man of their dreams. If a man can keep his woman happy and satisfied, his partner is likely to stay loyal.

If the woman can see that staying with the man will lead to a desirable future, they will stick with him.

The reverse is also true if the woman is not happy with any aspect of their relationship; they would end up craving, lonely, unappreciated. Such dissatisfaction turns into small windows of opportunity for other men who want to get close to them.

There is also the case of bored women, cheating husbands, or an emotional disconnect because their love faded away.

It can also be about power, the power to choose their sexual partners at will without being constrained by societal norms.

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How common is cheating for women in marriage?

According to a study, men are more likely to cheat than married women cheating on their partner. 20% of the men cheat on women, whereas only 13% of women cheat on men while married.

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The data also shows that the percentage of cheating women is higher between age 18-29, but in men, the percentage remains higher from age 30 to 80+. Cheating also depends on demographic and social factors. To read the complete study, click here.

Irrespective of gender, those who cheat on their partner first possess the traits of a cheater. These people can do it in the future.

For further understanding of a female cheater, you can read cheating women characteristics. However, it would be best to consider that people cheat for various reasons.

20 Characteristics of a cheating woman

Now we know the motivations why women commit infidelity; it’s easier to deduce the traits of a cheating woman.

We can use those motivations to figure out what kind of personalities are susceptible to those particular kinds of temptations.

1. She has a habit of breaking the taboo

One of the main characteristics of a cheating woman is a personality with a penchant for rule-breaking.

Biologically speaking, It should be genetically desirable for any living thing to mate as much as possible to propagate the species.

Once in a while, a revolutionary personality (just plain young and stupid) comes along that doesn’t care about the rules.

This kind of personality thrives on living free. A Wild Child is more interested in instant gratification and living life to the fullest.

A female “wild child” is easily tempted by excitement and fun. They are easily bored and feel constrained by rules and tradition.

This type of girl leaves a stable partner for a deadbeat loser with the promise of adventure.

20 Characteristics of a Cheating Woman (2)

2. She wants to dominate the relationship

The female version of the Alpha male. Both male and female versions of this are susceptible and actively looking for ways to cheat.

They are insatiable in most aspects of their life, including sex.

They are always hungry, greedy, and they are willing to use underhanded means to get what they want.

Hence, they cheat on their partners. If they meet someone “worthy” of having a relationship with them, they will commit superficially.

However, it doesn’t stop them from getting as many sexual partners as they can.

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3. The repentant

This is the closest version of the first two.

Some women are naturally rebellious but have learned while growing up to control their impulses.

They learned to live within the bounds of society’s expectations and do their best to keep up appearances.

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Then they get drunk, stressed, or due to other external stimuli that cause them to have a temporary lapse of judgment and revert to their original and natural state.

It is not one of the more common characteristics of cheaters, and they do feel guilty afterward.

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4. The victim

This is one of the most common characteristics of a cheating woman.

A lot of women feel they are not being treated fairly in a relationship. A few feel that they have sacrificed too much of their individuality and dreams to keep their partner happy.

They will not actively look for a different partner but are receptive to men who are willing to provide a shoulder to cry on.

They will resist infidelity, but they eventually succumb to temptation depending on how good their current relationship is.

Especially if their partner consistently neglects their needs. So if you’re wondering why do girls cheat on their boyfriends? It’s because their boyfriends are insensitive pricks.

Those are the most common types of women who cheat.

Some of them cheat because their personalities are not compatible with monogamy, but most cheat because they are not happy with their current partner.

It’s that simple. Keep a woman happy, assuming she isn’t one of those free-spirited types, and she would stay loyal to the commitment.

5. She has a history of cheating

Maybe she had cheated before in her relationships and never told you. It would be better to find out if she has a history where she betrayed someone for the wrong reasons.

Another thing that can be possible is that she has witnessed a history of cheating around her.

It could be her family or friends, and if she has seen people cheating occasionally and thinks that it’s not a big deal, she might cheat on you.

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6. She has a different social life from you

Time is of the essence. When a woman doesn’t get enough time to spend with her man and gets to spend time with other people repeatedly, the chances of her inclining interest in someone other than her husband increases.

It mostly happens when both partners have different social lives than one another.

When the existing relationship can’t satisfy their emotional needs, they become vulnerable and alone.

They can seek comfort otherwise.

7. She is afraid of commitment

Some women like to be chased, but they find it tedious or exhausting to get into a long-term relationship.

If you are with a woman who thinks that long term relationships are boring mentally, physically, and emotionally, there is a good chance that she will cheat out of monogamy.

So before you commit to the relationship, find out if she has intentions to keep a long term relationship or she enjoys flirting with you.

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8. She focuses on her privacy too much

This woman needs too much privacy. They put their password on their phone and don’t take calls in front of their partner.

They also keep their friends and office details to themselves. They make sure that their partner doesn’t have many details of her life.

These women generally have extramarital affairs, and they make sure that no one even suspects that. They don’t want to leave their partner but want to lead a double life secretly.

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9. The woman who lies well

One of the most prominent characteristics of a cheating woman is the skill of lying. If she is a woman who can tell lies with evidence and make people believe what she is saying is true, she is a potential cheater.

These women know what to say when to say and how to present it. They might cheat on you, and when caught, they will cook up some story so believable that you won’t know what hit you. Rather than blaming her, you would be compelled to understand her situation.

This will happen again and again, and it will get frustrating. You will have to recognize the pattern before you get used to it.

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10. The woman who consistently refuses to confront

One of the most common traits of a cheater is when they deny confrontation and choose to beat around the bush.

Such women will talk about another man every chance they get, and when asked, they will change the subject or avoid sharing many details about him.

If that has happened before or is happening right now, you take it as a red flag.

11. Over demanding female

This is one of the most essential characteristics of a cheating woman. Such women will always have the hunger for more. These cheating women are never satisfied with what they have.

They always want more, be it money, love, care, emotional support, attention, etc. They have a huge appetite for everything, and even when you try to make her happy, she needs more and is never happy.

These women are not unfaithful women by nature, but if someone who can meet their needs crossroads with them, they tend to slip.

12. The jealous type

Female cheaters are mostly the jealous kind. These cheating ladies will only cheat if they have already been cheating on.

They hate to be cheated on, but if their partner betrays them, they will become a woman who cheats to give their partner the taste of their own medicine.

They don’t have a personality of a cheater, but the hurt and pain are agonizing to them that they get incredibly jealous and make sure that they too hurt you back in the same way.

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13. The one who is all emotionally unavailable

These cheating ladies or women cheaters are caught when they become suddenly emotionally unavailable.

There could be numerous characteristics of cheaters, but if she is at a point where she no longer cares for your needs and doesn’t give you the bare minimum attention and time, she is a potential cheater.

Sometimes these women find comfort in someone else because their partners have pushed them. They feel the need to feel happy and will find their happiness at any cost.

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14. The one who constantly shifts the blame

One of the common traits of a cheating woman is that she knows how to shift the blame on her partner.

These women have a perfect personality of a cheater, as they always make people believe that their partner has wronged them, and they had no choice other than to find happiness outside of their relationship.

(Video) 7 SNEAKY SIGNS YOUR WIFE IS CHEATING ON YOU! (signs of a cheater)

These women find it easy to get inside their partner’s head and make them feel guilty even when they are not at fault.

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15. Afraid of divorce

One of the significant characteristics of a cheating wife is that she is afraid to get divorced. She might be fed up with her partner or her married life, but she will never break off the relationship.

Such women cheat to fulfill their emotional and physical needs. They bring their actions into the limelight, so their partner either accepts this way of living or ends the relationship.

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16. Women who cheat for emotional reasons

Most of the time, when women feel unsatisfied emotionally, it creates a void in the physical connection.

Rather than looking for physical pleasure, women seek an emotional connection with someone who can make them feel loved.

Watch this video to know how to increase love in your relationship:

20 Characteristics of a Cheating Woman (3)

17. Lack of communication

Suppose a woman feels that she is unable to communicate with her partner. Over the years, the communication between a couple fades if not taken care of.

In such cases, women seek comfort in the words of someone with whom they can share their feelings.

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18. Women with low self-esteem

Low self-esteem can create a thousand doubts in your mind and can lead to depression.

It can cause many other things, such as eating disorders, alcoholism, and cheating on your partner.

After marriage, women start families and get busy with many things, but here are some things that they want from their partner at any cost.

They want to feel special every day in their life, they want to feel important, they want their partner to make them laugh. Women also want to be valued and be the best version of themselves with the help of their partner.

If they don’t get that kind of support from their partner, it increases their chance of cheating on their partner.

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19. The one who is not sexually satisfied

Women who are not sexually satisfied are most likely to cheat on their partner. If a woman often has to fake orgasms with her partner or she never gets to experience the climax, she will eventually look for the physical connection outside.

People who have sexual infrequency or are incompatible in bed have an increased probability of cheating or being cheated on.

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20 Characteristics of a Cheating Woman (4)

20. The one who cheats for success

Money and power are intriguing. Sometimes women cheat to get ahead in their careers or to achieve success. These women don’t plan on cheating their partners or do not engage in long-term affairs.

These women take advantage of an opportunity presented with infidelity. They don’t cheat until they are getting something they desire and can help them in their road to success.

If these characteristics of a cheating woman are not enough for you to deduce if your partner is cheating on you or not, take this Is she cheating quiz to know more.

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Women cheat for different reasons, and all these characteristics of a cheating woman can help you understand the psychology behind it. You can’t predict that your partner will be unfaithful or not, but these tips can be helpful for you.

It would be best to find out the whole truth before you accuse your partner of cheating for your loving and happy future.


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